• More than 10 years of experience in the capital markets

    With the right strategy and resources, our professional guidance can help you gain a vantage point in the capital markets. Our options can help you get the corporate position to elevate your business to the next level.

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    Professional Guidance

    Our goal is to successfully help our clients navigate the complexities of capital markets transactions. From pre-IPO due diligence and SOX compliance readiness, through the SEC registration process to post-IPO disclosure support, GTechFin team is with you from start to finish.

    Strategic Planning

    GTechFin works with private companies to help them develop a comprehensive capital markets strategy, raise their visibility on Wall Street, and position them for long-term success, regardless of whether they choose to pursue a strategic transaction or an Initial Public Offering (IPO).

    What We Offer

    We leverage our financial and capital markets expertise to deliver expert guidance, strategy, and hands-on support that enhance the market position and valuation of each client.

    IPO Advisory

    We will help you navigate virtually every aspect of the IPO process -- and beyond -- as our clients transition into public companies. Starting early can provide critical strategic advantages and result in a more favorable deal outcome.

    Capital Markets Counsel

    We combine our cross-industry knowledge and expertise to advise and support you every step of the way, whether you need IPO preparation services or are preparing as a public company.

    SPAC Advisory

    As veteran bankers, analysts, institutional investors and media pros, we deeply understand the unique legal, regulatory and media landscape of SPACs.

    OTC Advisory

    At its core, GTechFin is a capital markets advisory firm, whether for pre-public companies seeking access to the public markets through IPOs, SPACs or OTC listings.

    Our Team

    We’ve always been entrepreneurial and forward thinking. Our team culture was designed in that spirit. Each senior team member is dedicated to guide our client through the entire IPO process and offer our clients the myriad resources of a larger firm, but also to deeply understand our client's business and provide a tailored level of service.

    Harry Kang, CPA, CFA


    Mr. Kang has extensive experience in the capital markets providing sound financial services to various companies in different sectors, specialized in private placement, business restructuring, M&A, and due diligence. Mr. Kang served as a professional at Ernst & Young, where he provided accounting and tax consulting services for large PE funds.

    Andrew Tu


    Mr. Tu started his career on Wall Street as a fund manager and has since shifted his focus to the capital markets serving global clients as a business and capital markets advisor. Mr. Tu has accumulated substantial expertise in the advisory space and focuses on helping companies to complete M&A, restructuring, capital raise, and structure deals to maximize value for clients. Mr. Tu holds dual Master's degrees in Computer Science and Electrical Engineering.